TOSA Rebrand



TOSA Rebrand

My Role in TOSA

Creative Director

  • Work on Poster, Facebook banners, pins, T-Shirt, Sweatshirts, pamphlet, slideshow template, video, craft/decoration

  • Manage Website, Youtube Channel, and Instagram (in collaboration with the PR team)

  • Lead 8 officers under the team of Art

Take away

  • Learned how to work under tight schedule, limited budget and knowing what your resources are

  • Learned how to communicate with other discipline within an organization as well as the communication with people who works under me.

Facebook Banner

a little more about TOSA


TOSA, Taiwanese Overseas Student Association, is a student organization that is geared towards promoting Taiwanese cultures and serving mainly but not limited to Taiwanese students. Every year, TOSA strives to make incoming students feel welcomed and at home. At the beginning of every autumn quarter, we host Majors Information Night in order to answer questions regarding college life adjustment, settling down in Seattle, classes, majors, and etc. We are here to promote the awareness of Taiwanese culture in foreign communities and help Taiwanese students, both graduate and undergraduate, to have a smooth transition in UW.


LOGO Redesign





Pain points

Chinese Calligraphy does not Resonate

  • Chinese calligraphy is not something that we would encounter in our everyday life in Taiwan

  • Chinese calligraphy is written in a particular type of ink (see Figure 1) that is usually black and never colorful

  • The science behind Chinese Calligraphy is closely related to the way Chinese characters look and is very different from English Alphabets

  • Chinese calligraphy is not just the culture of Taiwan but can be a part of many other asian culture

Figure 1 (image from wikipedia)

Figure 1 (image from wikipedia)


Customer Profile changed

As mentioned above, the purpose of TOSA is to welcome and introduce incoming Taiwanese student to the University of Washington and the Seattle community, making our main audience Taiwanese students who are actually raised in Taiwan and in fact, had experienced the culture for a huge portion of their lives. Due to this fact, I’m motivated to create a logo that resonates with our audiences; furthermore, I’m looking into creating a hidden message that would only be meaningful for someone who actually know our culture.


Design Difficulties

  • The footprint of the current logo is horizontal, which makes it very hard to work with

  • The color of the logo is limiting its use since the the colors are actually part of the logo






breaking apart

The geometric shape is inspired by the Taiwanese railway symbol. It is something that we would see almost everyday yet so invisible that people often missed out the meaning behind it. This symbol is in fact used for multiple governmental institutions throughout the Taiwanese history.


The inner circular symbol is heavily based on the clerical script of the Chinese character 台 (pronounced: Tai) which can be the short for Taiwan (台灣). Below is the development of the Chinese Character 台.

Development of the Chinese Character 台

The outer circle did not only make the logo looks more complete but also mimic the look of the official name stamp (印鑑) that is passed down during the Taiwan under Japanese Rule period and is used as a second factor of authorization when signing official document.

The Official Name Stamp

The Official Name Stamp

  • The circular shape makes the footprint more square than rectangle. It also makes perfect fit for social media display photo (such as Facebook and instagram)

  • When designing the logo, I strive to make the logo to be more linear and could be easily drawn by hand. That way, the logo could be spread in a variety of situations easily

  • I preserved the color choices of the previous logo, because not only they are very bright and cheerful (which is consistent with our organization’s vibe) but also they are very representative colors besides the flag.


(Example from Left to Right: Tourism Bureau, EasyCard Corp. (Transit pass), TaoYuan International Airport, New Taipei City Gov., Taichung City Gov., Kaohsiung City Gov.)